Time to discover the faces behind Beigal Bunnies, Roxann and Donna. We have always been local girls, living in Ashfield Street from an early age and attending the local Tower Hamlets School for girls. We were brought up on Beigals, our Dad would buy them every Saturday night from the famous Brick Lane, enjoying them warm and chewy at night with lots of butter, and then in the morning, toasted with Bacon.....yummy! This being one of the traditions of our family.


Already successful as a Croupier in a London Casino, and a City and European Courier, Roxann and Donna decided to pool their  energy and talents and create a business. Being sisters, good friends and passionate about food, after a business course, we went into catering.


Well it was actually our first thought. At the time we thought they were different, enjoyable, filling and inexpensive!
It all started 13 years ago, we had the idea, the product and the knowledge...but where should we go? Our Dad was one of the drivers at The Royal Hospital and, with his friendly nature, was well known by the staff. He suggested to Anne Alexander - Andersen, Head of Catering, that students "needed to eat" and he had the perfect solution – bunnies beigal trailer parked outside the School of Nursing! She agreed to see how it went and after a week of curious and surprised students, the word spread around and we were given the go-ahead and a lease to stay. It was also the start of our mum’s famous homemade beigal bread pudding. Our relationship with the students, nurses and lecturers grew, as well as our custom and it became more than just about selling Beigals.


After a year's stint at internet delivery service, we were approached by Tracey Williams from the Old Medical College to take over their in-house catering and offered us a space as a base for Beigal Bunnies in their new kitchen.